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Trevor Leggett’s books are concerned with


  • Spreading the traditional Upanishadic Yoga of Cosmic Consciousness, based on the author’s training in a traditional Indian line and his translations of original Sanskrit – this Yoga process is centred on meditation


  • Zen parallels from his translations of Japanese texts of Zen and Budo (knightly arts)


  • Training stories of both traditions for daily life

         Book Categories


·         SECTION ONE:

  • Academic translations of newly discovered texts on spiritual training in Sanskrit and Japanese
    These texts shed new light on theory and practice
  • Sankara on the Yoga Sutras , Samurai Zen:The Warrior Koans

·         SECTION TWO:

  • Traditional explanations of Yoga and Zen teaching for daily life practice.
    Trevor Leggett is carrying on an instruction from his teacher, Hari Prasad Shastri, to spread Truth in universal non-sectarian terms.
  • A first Zen Reader,  A Second Zen Reader, Three Ages of Zen,  The Chapter of The Self,   Zen and the Ways, Realization of the Supreme Self,  Jewels from the Indranet

·         SECTION THREE:

  • Many little known training stories ancient and modern from both traditions. These stories give vivid instances of actual applications to daily life.
  • The Old Zen Master,  Encounters in Yoga and Zen,  Fingers and Moons,  Lotus Lake Dragon Pool,  The Spirit of Budo

·         SECTION FOUR

  • Technical instruction books on Judo and Shogi, Japanese chess. Both Judo and Shogi can be used as ways for inner development.
  • Japanese Chess-the game of Shogi,  The Dragon Mask,   Kata Judo,  Championship Judo


Trevor Leggett – A brief CV

Trevor Leggett’s teacher of Yoga and its philosophy was the late Dr. Hari Prasad Shastri, pandit and jnani of India. Dr Shastri was commissioned by his own teacher to spread the ancient Yoga abroad, which he did in China, Japan and lastly for twenty seven years in Britain until his death in 1956. The Yoga is based on the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita but is to be spread on non-sectarian and universal lines. It has a clear-cut philosophy and training method.

Trevor Leggett was his pupil for eighteen years and was one of those entrusted with the continuation of Dr. Shastri’s mission. All Leggett’s books on spiritual subjects are dedicated to his teacher.

Trevor Leggett had lived in India and Japan and knew Sanskrit and Japanese.

From 1946 for 24 years head of the BBC Japanese Service broadcasting in Japanese to Japan twice a day.

He was a translator and author of some thirty books mostly on Eastern and Far Eastern yoga and Zen, with some cross-cultural studies. Three of them in Japanese. He also held the rank of 6th Dan in Judo from Kodokan, Tokyo and 5th Dan in Shogi, Japanese chess.

In 1984 he was awarded the Third Degree of the Order of the Sacred Treasure, by the Emperor of Japan, in recognition of his services to cross-cultural relations between East and West, through broadcasting, translations and other books, and through active introduction of aspects of Japanese culture to the West. There are eight degrees of this Order, from the First down, and this is the Third Grade, which is in practice the highest a private individual can get.




In 1987 he was awarded the All-Japan Buddhist Association Literary Award for Translations of Japanese.


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